PressTV-Top UK Islamophobe fails to get US visa

Authorities in the United States have refused to grant visa to the most senior anti-Islam figure in Britain.

Reports on Tuesday suggested that Tommy Robinson had his visa application rejected a day earlier as he was seeking to meet senior republican lawmakers in Washington this week.

Robinson has previously been hailed by the so-called alt-right camp in the United States for his opposition to Islam. People close to US President Donald Trump once criticized UK authorities for jailing the figure over contempt of the court charges and other convictions. Among his previous convictions was an attempt in 2013 to travel to the US using a passport in someone else’s name.

The far-right figure was released from jail in August apparently under immense pressure from political groups while judges referred his case to the UK Attorney General.

After founding his English Defence League, Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, staged several…

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