PressTV-Top UK Islamophobe defends attack on Syrian boy

The United Kingdom’s top Islamophobic figure says an outrageous attack on a Syrian refugee boy in a school in northern England was right because he had earlier assaulted a white girl.

Robinson claimed in a Facebook post on Thursday that Jamal, the 15-year-old Syrian boy who had been bullied in Almondbury Community School in Huddersfield, had suffered the assault because he had earlier attacked a white girl in the school.

Robinson said he had received a message from a mother claiming that her daughter was subject to an attack by Jamal.

However, others commenting on his posts on Facebook insisted the girl’s mother has denied the boy was involved. The users also shared images of messages in which the girl’s mother denied the Syrian boy was involved in the attack, saying Robinson had misunderstood the messages.

Many believe Robinson, a convict under various charges in UK courts, has influenced…

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