PressTV-Thugs wield machete in ‘bloodbath Britain’: Video

Images of a horrifying knife crime in Britain have surfaced online showing thugs wielding machete attacking a young man in the second largest city of Birmingham.

Tabloid newspapers published the video on their websites on Tuesday, showing violent scenes of an attack in broad daylight in Birmingham where a group of attackers chased, kicked and slashed a young victim with machetes in front of passer-bys.

The newspapers ran headlines like “lawless Britain” or “bloodbath Britain” to highlight the attack which comes amid a surge in violent knife crimes and other methods of brutal attack in Britain’s large cities.

The video showed at least seven young men, most of them covering their heads and faces, pouncing a young man beside a road while the traffic drove past.

Two long machetes and a hammer could be seen used by the thugs in the footage which many believe is related to an attack in Birmingham’s Perry Barr area that took place…

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