PressTV-Soros sending roadmap to MPs to avoid Brexit

British MPs will be sent a roadmap next week by the Best for Britain group, which is supported by billionaire George Soros, detailing how they could stop Brexit and save the UK from “immense damage.”

Best for Britain says it is theoretically possible for a referendum to be held within 17 working days of parliament legislating for one, meaning it could be held in December. But the pressure group says the EU would allow the UK to have a second referendum as late as February or March next year.

Campaign adverts by the group, which have already appeared in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Liverpool as well as in some national newspapers, are headlined “When will we know what we voted for?” and add: “We all deserve a final say on the Brexit deal.”

Best for Britain said it would spend £500,000 of its £2.3m in donations on newspaper and outdoor advertising campaign. The largest donor to the group has been Soros’s Open Society…

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