PressTV-Scots unite against ‘untenable’ Brexit deal

Major political parties in Scotland have formed a united front to show their opposition to what British Prime Minister Theresa May has negotiated as a European Union divorce agreement.

The group of four political parties is set to launch a single motion against May’s Brexit deal in the Scottish devolved parliament, known as Holyrood, to show that people in the British province are mostly opposed to the agreement and its impacts on the region regardless of their position on independence from London.

The pro-independence Scottish National Party, the Scottish Greens, the anti-independence Labour and Liberal Democrats will back the motion, which does not have any direct tangible bearing on the Brexit process. Only the Scottish Conservatives have refrained from backing the move which comes a day after a visit by May to areas of Scotland to drum up support for her Brexit deal.

The parties said in a joint statement that the motion was a bid to…

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