PressTV-‘Russian, Chinese missiles keep US aircraft carriers away’

Russia and China will continue to expand their missile arsenals to scare away US aircraft carriers, an American analyst says, arguing that the advanced warships no longer give Washington the strategic edge it wants.

Professor Dennis Etler, a scholar based in California, made the remarks reflecting on an article by Business Insider, which argues American aircraft carriers have become a “mystical symbol” of the US military prowess and Washington cannot afford to lose one.

The article warns that Russia and China have achieved missile technology that can cost the US “its next war” should it make the mistake of deploying aircraft carriers in the wrong place and wrong time.

The US currently Navy currently has 11 operational aircraft carriers. The nuclear-powered Nimitz-class carriers are 130ft above water and over 1,000ft in length, housing as many as 80 aircraft and up to 7,000 sailors.

Those numbers, while impressive, can also spell…

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