PressTV-Russia, Daesh threaten EU: UK spy chief

Russia and the terrorist group Daesh are the two main threats that the European Union (EU) faces today, UK spy agency MI5’s chief Andrew Parker will warn in rare public speech later on Monday.

In a speech titled Hybrid Threats, the British spymaster will tell a meeting of European security chiefs in Berlin that Russia risks becoming a pariah nation for its “flagrant breaches of international rules.”

He will accuse Russian President Vladimir Putin’s government of pursuing “aggressive and pernicious actions by its military and intelligence services” and creating a “fog of lies and half-truths” to hide them, according to excerpts from the speech. 

Parker, who will be the first MI5 chief to give public address abroad, will bring up the recent nerve agent attack against Russian double agent Sergei Skripal to warn his counterparts against similar “deliberate and targeted malign activity” by Russian agents in their…

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