PressTV-Rain complicates finding Calif. wildfire victims’ bodies

Steady rain in northern California doused the state’s most deadly wildfire on Friday, but it turned ash from thousands of destroyed homes into slurry, complicating work to find bodies reduced to bone fragments.

The so-called Camp Fire virtually obliterated the city of Paradise, located 175 miles (280 km) northeast of San Francisco, on Nov. 8, killing at least 84 people and destroying nearly 14,000 homes.

Over 600 people from Paradise and surrounding communities remained unaccounted for, according to a list provided by the Butte County Sheriff’s Office. Drone footage provided by the town of Paradise to help residents see if their homes survived showed how fire leapt from house to house in the mountain community of 27,000.

Darrel Wilken, 51, a nurse at the town’s partially destroyed hospital, said emergency workers told him they were having difficulty collecting human remains after 3 inches of rain turned the…

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