PressTV-Pompeo pressured to declare Rohingya ‘genocide’

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is being pressured by lawmakers and activists to declare that Myanmar’s military is committing genocide against Rohingya Muslims.

Ohio House Representative Steve Chabot, a Republican, has sponsored a resolution over the matter that is expected to easily pass as early as next week.

It would declare that Rohingya are victims of genocide and crimes against humanity.

“The deliberate campaign of murder, intimidation and displacement against the Rohingya by Burma’s security forces clearly meets legal standards for genocide,” California Representative Ed Royce, the Republican chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, told Politico in a statement. “It’s long past time the U.S. call these atrocities what they are.”

The US Holocaust Memorial Museum and the Public International Law & Policy Group have also called for dubbing Rohingya crackdown genocide.

The Trump administration has so far…

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