PressTV-Polls show stark change in Brexit sentiment

A new poll carried out in the United Kingdom shows that pro-Brexit sentiments among the public have seen a stark change with over 100 parliament seats that supported Britain’s departure from the European Union now want the country to stay in the bloc.

The Observer said Sunday that it had seen the results of the poll by the Focaldata consumer analytics company, which showed many regions, especially in northern England and Wales, the traditional bastions of support for the Labour Party, have withdrawn their majority support for Brexit.

The poll said the change of mind had also occurred among supporters of the Conservative Party, including in constituencies of two notable Brexit campaigners Boris Johnson and Michel Gove.

In this file photo taken on October 03, 2017 Britain’s then Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson arrives to deliver his speech on the third day of the Conservative Party annual conference at the Manchester Central Convention Centre…

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