PressTV-North Korea threatens to resume nuclear development

North Korea has warned that it could restart building up its nuclear arsenal if the US fails to remove its sanctions against the country.

The warning came in a foreign ministry statement issued by Pyongyang on Friday under the name of the director of the ministry’s Institute for American Studies, insisting that “improvement of relations and sanctions is incompatible.”

The ministry further emphasized that North Korea could bring back its “pyongjin” policy of simultaneously pursuing nuclear weapons alongside economic development if the US fails to revise its position on the issue.

Pyongyang has accused the US of reneging on it commitments made by North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and American President Donald Trump at their June summit in Singapore to work towards a nuclear-free Korean Peninsula, without defining how and when the process would occur.

Earlier on Friday, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo revealed in an interview with Fox News of…

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