PressTV-North Korea still ‘significant’ nuclear threat to US

North Korea still poses a “significant” nuclear threat despite the Singapore summit between President Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un, says Trump’s nominee for the next American commander for US and allied forces in South Korea.

“There still remains a significant conventional and strategic (nuclear) capability on behalf of [North Korea],” Army. Gen. Robert B. Abrams told the Senate Armed Services Committee on Tuesday.

When asked by Sen. Jack Reed, (D-R.I.), about the effect of cancelling joint military exercises, or “war games,” with South Korea following the June summit, Abrams said that there had been “slight degradation” to the US military presence on the Korean Peninsula, but said it was a “prudent risk” to see if North Korea would end its nuclear weapons program.

On when the joint exercises with South Korea will restart, Abrams said no final decision has been made yet, but noted that Pentagon officials “are proceeding with planning” for…

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