PressTV-No Brexit summit without Gibraltar deal: Spain

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez warned on Friday there would “very probably” be no European Council summit to approve Britain’s exit from the EU on Sunday if the issue of Gibraltar is not first resolved.

If there’s no agreement over Gibraltar, “there very probably won’t be a European Council summit,” Sanchez said at a press conference in Cuba.

Earlier in the day, Spanish officials in Brussels said PM Sanchez might not attend the summit if London fails to put into writing a promise that no future agreement between Britain and the EU that applies to Gibraltar can be signed without first being negotiated on a bilateral basis with Madrid.

Spain is seeking a guaranteed veto on post-Brexit relations between the EU and Gibraltar, the British enclave on Spain’s southern tip, and has threatened to scupper the draft Brexit deal if it doesn’t get its way.

That would effectively give Madrid the power of veto over any future relations between…

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