PressTV-Muslim couple wrestled to ground by police in UK: Video

In what appears to be a grossly racist act, a Muslim couple has been dragged to the floor and arrested by police officers at a shopping mall in the northwestern British city of Greater Manchester following a row over how much water they are allowed to purchase.

Footage taken on Thursday in Tesco supermarket in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, showed the pair was forcefully wrestled to the ground after scrapping with security guards over the issue.

The row allegedly broke out after the staff at a Tesco checkpoint counter refused to allow Nasir and Mahira Hussain, both 28, to buy more than 20 bottles of mineral water after they had filled up a trolley with flavored Volvic.

The incident was recorded on camera by Mahira, and her husband can be seen having an argument with a police officer.

At the beginning of the video, Nasir is filmed as he explains how the staff refused to sell them bottled water in bulk while they could buy as many as they…

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