PressTV-Muslim Amazon workers protest lack of prayer breaks

Muslim employees of the giant US reseller Amazon have staged a protest over the company’s refusal to grant them enough time to pray.

Some 300 workers at an Amazon fulfillment site in Shakopee, Minnesota, gathered outside their workplace on Friday, demanding better conditions.

Amazon’s strict workload standards means the warehouse has to pack at least 240 boxes an hour, but protesters said they had gone as high as 400 on a number of occasions.

Failure to meet the threshold will be punished by penalization, write-ups from the managers and possible termination.

The pressure forces Muslim employees, who need to pray five times a day, to forgo their brief bathroom breaks and use them instead to say prayers.

“Breaks make our rate slow down, and then we’d be at risk of getting fired, and so most of the time we choose prayer over bathroom, and have learned to balance our bodily needs,” Khadra Ibrahin, a 28-year-old single mother of two…

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