PressTV-‘Muhammads less likely to find room in UK than Davids’

A study by the British daily The Guardian has revealed that room-seekers with Muslim names are 20 percent less likely to receive a positive or neutral response from landlords compared to applicants with a non-Muslim name.

The report, published on Monday, was done by examining responses to nearly 1,000 messages sent to online room advertisements across the UK.

The messages were sent from profiles named “Muhammad” and “David”, using similar details and backgrounds.

The report found that a room-seeker named “Muhammad” was almost ten percent more likely to not receive any response from advertisers compared to a profile named “David” (44 percent no response cases compared to 36 percent).

When Muhammad did receive a response, it was more likely a negative response compared to David (25 percent negative response cases compared to 18 percent).

The report details 23 cases where both profiles had sent messages to identical advertisers…

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