PressTV-Most Americans want Trump impeached or censured

Almost 60 percent of American voters say US President Donald Trump should be either impeached and removed from office or formally censured, a poll has shown.

According to a new Harvard CAPS/Harris poll released to The Hill newspaper on Friday, a majority of voters surveyed think some kind of action must be taken against Trump.

The respondents are divided on how far members of Congress should go as Democrats prepare to take over the House of Representatives on January 3.

Asked whether Trump should be impeached and removed as president for his actions, censured by Congress or whether Congress should take no action, 39 percent of the voters said Trump should be impeached and removed from office.

Trump is facing impeachment proceedings in Congress because the Democratic Party gained the majority in the House after November’s midterm elections.

Impeachment would require a majority vote by the House, which is now a real possibility with a…

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