PressTV-‘Most Americans don’t trust US elections’

A majority of people in the United States doubt the country’s election systems as being secure ahead of midterm congressional elections.

A survey from 10,683 adults from Sept. 24 to Oct. 7 released on Monday found that about 55 percent of respondents were either not too, or not at all, confident that the systems are secure.

About 45 percent of respondents were at least somewhat confident that US election systems are secure, and only 8 percent said they were very confident in the security of the systems, according to the survey by Pew Research.

The survey showed that based on party lines, 59 percent of Republicans or respondents leaning toward the GOP were very or somewhat confident in the security of the systems, while just 34 percent of Democrats or those leaning Democratic had trust in US election systems.

The survey also found respondents had significant concerns about Russia interfering in upcoming elections and echoed earlier polls…

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