PressTV-Mexico asks US to probe use of tear gas against migrants

Mexico has formally asked the United States to investigate American border guards’ recent use of tear gas against crowds of Central American men, women, and children attempting to cross the Mexico-US border.

The Mexican Foreign Ministry presented a diplomatic note to the administration of US President Donald Trump on Monday calling for “a full investigation” into the incident.

On Sunday, some 500 migrants, including women and young children, overwhelmed blockading guards near the border crossing that separates the Mexican city of Tijuana from the US city of San Diego, California.

US Border Patrol agents then fired tear gas and rubber bullets toward the migrants to stop them from crossing the border fence.

Images and footage from the scene showing mothers with young children — some in diapers — running and screaming raised questions about whether it was a proportional response to unarmed civilians seeking refuge.

A migrant woman…

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