PressTV-May begs MPs to approve her Brexit deal

British Prime Minister Theresa May has begged lawmakers in the parliament to approve a controversial deal she has reached with the European Union on a separation from the bloc.

Addressing the House of Commons on Monday, May said Britain would be in the territory of unknown if lawmakers reject the Brexit deal that was rubber-stamped a day earlier by the EU leaders in a summit in Brussels.

“There is a choice which this house will have to make. We can back this deal … or this house can choose to reject this deal and go back to square one,” May said, adding, “Because no-one knows what would happen if this deal doesn’t pass, it would open the door to more division and more uncertainty, with all the risks that will entail.”

May faces a daunting task of gaining the approval of the parliament for her Brexit deal as many from both the opposition and her own Conservative Party have vowed to reject it on December 12, when the House convenes to…

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