PressTV-May agrees to Brexit debate with Corbyn

UK Prime Minister Theresa May, who’s under attack for her handling of the country’s exit from the European Union (EU), has finally agreed to discuss the matter in a live debate with her chief critic, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

“I have got a plan, he hasn’t got a plan,” May told the Sun in an interview published Tuesday, referring to her controversial Brexit deal with the EU that has been met with disapproval from her opponents and allies alike.

The embattled PM now faces the daunting task of gaining the approval of the parliament for her Brexit deal.

The deal has full support from leaders of all 27 EU countries, who made it clear after an endorsement ceremony on Sunday that renegotiation was simply not an option should May fail to get a ‘yes’ vote from British lawmakers.

“I am going to be explaining why I think this deal is the right deal for the UK,” May said.

The PM’s office has set a provisional date of Sunday…

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