PressTV-Mass rally held in Birmingham against Brexit

Several thousand people have held a massive anti-Brexit rally in Birmingham, England’s second-most populous city, where the ruling Conservative Party is to begin its annual conference.

The march held in the city’s Victoria Square on Sunday was meant to demand a reversal of Britain’s ongoing plan to withdraw from the European Union.

The rally comes as the Conservative Party led by Prime Minister Theresa May is facing unprecedented internal divisions over the government Brexit strategy.

The protesters waved flags of EU and Britain while supporting calls for a second referendum on Brexit in which people could vote for their country to stay in the EU.

The Brits voted in favor of Brexit with a slight margin in an original referendum in June 2016.

The government and the opposition Labour Party have both rejected the possibility that there could be a second vote on the main issue of leaving the EU, as they insist that the results of the…

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