PressTV-Labour MPs set to topple May’s government

Labour MPs have been told to be ready for a vote of no-confidence in the government of Prime Minister Theresa May in case she suffers a defeat over her Brexit deal, a report says.

Lawmakers are set to vote on the deal on Tuesday, after May shelved plans for a vote last month when it transpired that not enough lawmakers from her own party or others would support the deal she had struck with the European Union.

Labour MPs, even those who are unwell, have received messages, calling on them to be present both for the “meaningful vote” on May’s Brexit blueprint and the following day, The Guardian reported on Saturday.

Labour whips asked MPs to prepare for party leader Jeremy Corbyn to table the no-confidence vote within hours of the prime minister’s defeat, but noted that the actual vote would take place on Wednesday.

However, if Corbyn were to postpone tabling the vote, senior Labour MPs would table one themselves, hoping to force the…

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