PressTV-Labour attacks Tories for app data leak

The British Labour party reacts to a major security flaw at the official conference mobile phone application of the UK’s Conservative party, which has revealed the personal information of top politicians.

Boris Johnson, Gavin Williamson and Michael Gove were among the top Tories whose information, including their phone numbers, were leaked, The Guardian reported Saturday.

Details of prominent MPs public were amended by users, some claiming that Johnson’s picture had been briefly changed to one featuring a pornographic image.

A Rupert Murdoch image was also uploaded for Gove.

To make such changes, all the users had to do was to second guess the attendees’ email addresses with no password.

The Labour party took the opportunity to discredit the Tories’ capability to protect national security.

“How can we trust this Tory government with our country’s security when they can’t even build a conference app that keeps the data of…

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