PressTV-‘Jeremy Corbyn wants decent journalism for UK’

The media reforms proposed by UK Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn are meant to ensure that the country benefits from decent journalism in the future, a political commentator in London says.

Corbyn’s proposals for reforms in the British media, especially in the publicly funded BBC, stemmed from the fact that he and the opposition Labour Party have suffered from biased media coverage over the past, Chris Bambery said in an interview with the Press TV on Thursday.

However, the expert suggested that the proposed reforms were more than an act of revenge for Corbyn and Labour and were meant to ensure that journalism standards were respected in the country.

“It is not act of retribution or retaliation but it is about trying to ensure there is decent journalism in this country,” he said.

Bambery called Corbyn’s proposals for reforms as “far-reaching”, saying Labour leader was trying to both improve the financing system of the British…

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