PressTV-Jeremy Corbyn calls for reforms in British media

The leader of the UK Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn has urged sweeping changes in the way British media is run, saying government control of media outlets like the BBC should end by imposing taxes on US technology giants.

Corbyn said in a speech at the Edinburgh TV festival on Thursday that he wants a new tax on big technology firms such as Facebook and Google to help cover the cost of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) license fee.

The Labour leader said that “few tech giants and unaccountable billionaires control huge swathes of our public space and debate,” and believes there should be radical reforms of the BBC and media industry.

The BBC is chiefly funded by the annual television license fee, which is charged to all British households, companies, and organizations using any equipment to receive or record live television broadcasts.

The British government sets the fee, agreed in Parliament and used to fund all the BBC’s…

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