PressTV-Israeli peace-pretender angered by Banksy poster

A British-Israeli art collector who claims to be an advocate of peace between Palestine and Israel has been angered at the way British artist Banksy has depicted Israel’s long years of occupation of Palestine.

Batia Ofer, the wife of London-based Israeli billionaire Idan Ofer, said Saturday that the way the British underground artist had depicted Israel’s presence in the occupied West Bank in a recent poster was more anti-Semtic than artistic.

In his poster meant for encouraging tourism in the West Bank, Banksy depicted children on a fair riding around a watchtower in the occupied territory. A slogan written underneath the poster reads, “Visit historic Palestine, the Israeli army liked it so much they never left!”

The limited edition poster, published on Banksy’s Instagram page, was handed out by Palestinian officials in the World Travel Market London this week. Palestinian authorities have praised the poster as not only…

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