PressTV-Home-schooling on rise in Britain: Report

A growing number of parents in the United Kingdom have opted over the past years to take their children out of school and home-educate them, according to a report.

Research by Sky News showed that the number of parents opting for home-schooling of their children since 2013 had increased nearly two and a half times, or 242 percent.

Most of those parents cite fear of “permanent exclusion” of their children from schools for their decision, the report said, adding that most of the children who are removed from schools are those who have difficulties socializing or experience problems like bullying, abuse and harassment.

It said an estimated 45,000 children are now being educated outside of a traditional school environment in Britain, which amount to a 78-percent increase compared to 2013.

The main factors for opting out of the school system have been “religion, culture and philosophy”, the report said, adding that white, British…

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