PressTV-‘Half Americans to vote for Dems in November’

A new opinion poll shows that about half of Americans tend to vote for Democrats rather than Republicans in the upcoming midterm congressional elections in November.

The survey conducted and released by USA Today/Suffolk University on Tuesday found that 50 percent of registered voters would support Democratic congressional candidates in their district, while 39 percent said they preferred Republicans.

Another 58 percent of respondents said in the same poll that they sought to elect Congress members who would stand up to US President Donald Trump, whereas only a third of voters favored to see the legislative branch cooperate with the White House.

As for the US president’s approval rating, only 40 percent of those surveyed said they were satisfied with the way Trump was doing his job at the White House. Fifty-six percent said they disapproved of his performance.

The poll was conducted among 1,000 registered voters between August 23 and…

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