PressTV-GOP not to block tariffs, Germany asks for EU action

While Republicans have abstained from blocking US President Donald Trump’s tariffs on steel and aluminum imports, German Chancellor Angela Merkel says she hopes the EU would be exempted from US tariffs, however, stating that the EU must be ready to respond if not exempted.

“If this unilateral action cannot be avoided, then we must think about how we can respond in a reciprocal fashion; but I am first of all focusing on talks and there will be plenty of opportunities for them,” she said at a news conference in Berlin.

Speaking to business leaders in Munich last week, Merkel had said she hopes the European Union will be exempted from new US tariffs on foreign-made steel and aluminum, like Mexico and Canada.

“The best thing would be if we (the European Union) could be excluded.” However, she added, if talks fail, “we, in Europe, can of course also react.”

Last week, on Thursday, defying his own party and delivering on a campaign promise…

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