PressTV-Flynn’s sentencing delayed to allow for further cooperation

The sentencing of former US national security adviser Michael Flynn has been postponed for 90 days to allow the high-ranking military official to prolong his cooperation in the Russia probe after he admitted to lying to the FBI and was accused of betraying his country.

During an explosive hearing on Tuesday, US District Judge Emmet Sullivan severely criticized US President Donald Trump’s former adviser for committing a “serious offense” by lying to FBI agents in the investigation into the alleged Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election and selling out the United States.

“This is very serious offense. A high-ranking senior official of the government making false statements to the Federal Bureau of Investigation while on the physical premises of the White House,” Sullivan said in federal court in Washington, DC. “Arguably, you sold your country out. I’m not hiding my disgust, my disdain for this criminal…

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