PressTV-Few Americans believe Trump’s false claims: Poll

Only three in 10 Americans believe President Donald Trump’s repeated false claims, a new poll has found, revealing the extent of the trust issue that the Republican leader faces among voters.

The poll by The Washington Post provided participants with 18 pairs of opposing true-false statements without identifying the persons who made them.

Included in the mix, were 11 false statements by Trump, four false claims by Democrats, a true claim by Trump and two probing other factual statements, the Post wrote.

The results were shocking as Trump’s false claims failed to even convince Republicans, where only 4 in 10 believed what he said.

Among the falsehoods were Trump’s claim that the US funds “most” of the NATO military alliance’s budget, while in reality it was only a “portion,” according to the survey.

Another false claim concerned Trump’s controversial policy of separating immigrant children from their parents at the US…

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