PressTV-Federal judge approves lawsuit against Trump

A federal judge in the United States has granted permission to law courts in Maryland and Washington, DC, to begin issuing subpoenas in a lawsuit targeting President Donald Trump for doing business with foreign governments.

US District Judge Peter J. Messitte issued an order on Monday beginning the lawsuit’s discovery phase

The attorneys general in Maryland and Washington accused Trump of conflict of interest, violating a constitutional prohibition on gaining financially from his position by doing business with foreign governments, the Politico reported on Monday.

They said they aim to serve subpoenas to as many as 20 companies and government agencies.

It’s the first time a lawsuit alleging a president violated the Constitution’s emoluments, or anti-corruption, clauses has advanced to the discovery stage.

In discovery, each side can request that the other answer specific questions or produce documents.

A list of subpoenas was expected…

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