PressTV-Farage right to leave ‘Islamophobic’ UKIP: Analyst

The former leader of the UK Independence Party (UKIP) was wise to leave the party after it shifted its focus to campaigning against Islam and embrace of far-right figures, a political analyst in London says.

“I think that he (Farage) was very wise to do that,” said Rodney Shakespeare, an author and retired academic from London, adding that the popular British politician had recognized that he cannot stay with “a party which has become narrow-minded, xenophobic, Islamophobic and racist.”

Farrage said last month that a decision by UKIP leader Gerard Batten to appoint Britain’s top Islamophibic figure Tommy Robinson as an advisor showed that the party was no longer the one that had a clear political and social mission.

The former UKIP leader said Tuesday upon resigning that the party had become unrecognizable due to its “obsession” with the anti-Muslim policies under Batten.

Shakespeare said the UKIP had over the past years…

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