PressTV-‘EU to stay by Brexit deal if UK changes PM’

European Union diplomatic sources have insisted that a deal on Britain’s withdrawal from the bloc will stay as it is even if members of the country’s ruling Conservative Party decide to oust Prime Minister Theresa May and introduce a new head of the government.

One EU diplomat told the Daily Express on Wednesday that if May was replaced in an ongoing Tory leadership challenge, the bloc will still stand by its Brexit deal with the UK government and would not allow a renegotiation.

“On substance I don’t think it matters because we’re dealing with government of UK,” said the diplomat, adding, “The leadership might change or might not change but I cannot expect another outcome.”

The comments come as May faces a no-confidence vote on her Tory leadership later on Wednesday. The vote was planned after more than 48 lawmakers have already submitted letters to the chairman of party’s 1922 committee of backbenchers to demand the…

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