PressTV-Ending US involvement in Yemen war on Senate agenda

United States Senator Bernie Sanders has announced his intention to push for a Senate vote ending US involvement in Yemen in the upcoming days.

In an email addressing supporters, Sanders announced “this week I will go to the floor of the United States Senate [to force the vote],” revealed The Hill on Tuesday.

“Despite Trump’s venal support for the Saudi regime, I am confident that we now stand an excellent chance to win this vote which I plan on bringing back to the Senate floor this week,” added Sanders.

A spokesman for the politician further confirmed that Sanders is negotiating a Wednesday or Thursday vote with Senate leadership.

The vote may seek to introduce a resolution similar to a previous one brought up in March which called for a halt in US intervention in Yemen.

The resolution, proposed by Sanders and Republican Senator Mike Lee, was blocked by a 55-strong vote despite gaining 44 favorable votes.

A new vote will further…

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