PressTV-Drug-related mental problems soar in Britain: Report

A growing number of middle-aged and older people in Britain are ending up in hospital suffering serious mental health problems after taking drugs, new government statistics reveal.

The number of people above 45 who end up in hospital after taking drugs had increased by 85 percent over the past decade, statistics published on Sunday by the National Health Service (NHS) showed.

The people admitted to hospitals for such drug-related disorders displayed symptoms like hallucinations, confusion, extreme agitation and disinhibition, the NHS said..

Authorities also reported a 32-percent increase in the number of people above 55 who had been poisoned over the last six years as a result of taking drugs.

The surge in addiction in Britain has been evident across all age groups, with many blaming government’s approach to the issue as a main reason.

There have also been problems with the health system which reportedly offers fewer specialist treatment…

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