PressTV-‘Draft Brexit deal sparks chaos in British politics’

British politics will be thrown “into chaos” for weeks to come as uncertainty grows over whether the UK government would be able to sell a draft deal it has reached with the European Union on leaving the bloc, says an academic and political commentator in London.

“At this moment, the fun, or, depending on your point of view, the agony, has started,” said Rodney Shakespeare. “British politics will be going into chaos in the next few weeks.”

Shakespeare said the UK government had a long way to go to have its Brexit deal approved by political parties, the two chambers of the parliament, and also the British public.

However, he said, the government will do whatever it can to win the approval of members of the ruling Conservative Party, who have been in disarray over the Brexit deal.

Some ministers have threatened that they could resign from the cabinet once the details of the Brexit deal in clear.

“I can tell you that the…

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