PressTV-Deadly knife attack every 3 days in London: Statistics

Deadly stabbings are occuring every three days in the British capital amid fears of the resurgence of the so-called “postal code wars” between rival gangs in London.

A total of 29 people have been killed using knives so far in 2018, which started with the murder of four young men during New Year’s Eve celebrations, according to figures by the Office of National Statistics.

Stabbings in London are at their highest level in six years, ONS figures show.

If the bloodshed continues at the same rate, more than 121 people will be stabbed to death in London by the end of the year, a 50 percent spike from 2017.

Last year, nearly 13,000 knife crimes took place in the capital, about 2,500 more than 2016. The spate of violence has sparked large-scale police operations and urgent policy changes.

Overall, there were about 40,000 recorded knife offences and 7,000 recorded gun crimes across the UK in 2017.

Fears are mounting over the resurgence of…

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