PressTV-Corbyn threat to UK national security: Home secretary

UK Home Secretary Sajid Javid has called Jeremy Corbyn a “threat to national security” for criticizing Islamophobia and racism in the country.

“A reminder of one of the biggest threat’s to our national security,” Javid wrote in a tweet on Monday, while retweeting an old video of Corbyn where he discusses the reasons behind radicalization of some Britons.

Concerned by the fact that some British youths have left the country to join the Daesh terror group in Syria, Corbyn says in the video that tackling Islamophobia and racism in British communities is key to tackling the Daesh terror group.

He then proceeds to criticize government measures in this regard, including denying the British nationals the right to return and revoking their passports.

“I’m not a supporter of ISIS,” Corbyn says in the video, using a synonym for Daesh. “I’m not condoning what they do or what they are trying to achieve.”

“And I do think that…

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