PressTV-Congress asks Google why searching ‘idiot’ shows Trump

Lawmakers in the US House of Representatives have invited Google CEO Sundra Pichai to ask him why the company’s search engine website brings up numerous pictures of President Donald Trump when users type the word “idiot.”

Pichai appeared before the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday to refute the idea that his company was manipulating search results for political purposes.

The question was put forward by Democratic Representative Zoe Lofgren, who was apparently trying to help Pichai.

“Right now, if you google the word ‘idiot’ under images, a picture of Donald Trump comes up. I just did that,” she said. “How would that happen?”

Pichai offered a long, general explanation the way Google returns results, saying the search algorithm was based on billions of keywords that were ranked according to 200 factors.

“Any time you type in a keyword, as Google we have gone out and crawled and stored copies of billions of…

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