PressTV-China calls on US to cease risking trade relations

China has strongly denounced US President Donald Trump’s decision to impose tariffs on billions of dollars in Chinese goods in retaliation against the alleged theft of American intellectual property, warning that such measures would put the two economies on course for a trade war.

“If a trade war were initiated by the US, China would fight to the end to defend its own legitimate interests with all necessary measures,” China’s embassy in Washington said in a statement released on Thursday.

“We urge the US to cease and desist,” the statement added, warning that Washington will “eventually end up hurting itself” by endangering China-US trade relations.

The diplomatic mission said China had shown “sincerity in making reasonable suggestions” and made “great efforts” to deal with the current trade imbalance with the United States.

China vows response

Meanwhile, an unnamed official with the Chinese Ministry of Commerce said on…

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