PressTV-China biggest threat to US in Asia: US admiral

US President Donald Trump’s pick for the next American ambassador to South Korea, Admiral Harry Harris, says while North Korea continues the pose the most imminent threat, China’s still remains the biggest long-term challenge that Washington is faced with.

“North Korea remains our most imminent threat and a nuclear-capable North Korea with missiles that can reach the United States is unacceptable,” Harris said during a ceremony in Hawaii on Wednesday that saw him step down as chief of the US Pacific Command and also rebranded the division to the US Indo-Pacific Command.

However, he warned, “China remains our biggest long-term challenge. Without focused involvement and engagement by the United States and our allies and partners China will realize its dream of hegemony in Asia.”

The admiral is expected to play a key role in the ongoing talks between the US and North Korea ahead of a possible summit between US President Donald Trump and North…

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