PressTV-Celebrated astronaut John Young dies at 87

Astronaut John Young, who walked on the Moon and flew NASA’s first Space Shuttle mission, has passed away at the age of 87 due to complications from pneumonia.

“Today, NASA and the world have lost a pioneer. Astronaut John Young’s storied career spanned three generations of spaceflight; we will stand on his shoulders as we look toward the next human frontier,” said acting NASA Administrator Robert Lightfoot in a Saturday statement.

“John was one of that group of early space pioneers whose bravery and commitment sparked our nation’s first great achievements in space. But, not content with that, his hands-on contributions continued long after the last of his six spaceflights — a world record at the time of his retirement from the cockpit,” the statement added.

The demise of Young — who was also the first astronaut to go to space six times and further took part in the Gemini and Apollo missions – prompted the release of a separate…

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