PressTV-Bullied Syrian boy’s sister attacked in UK

A Syrian refugee family living in northern England has apparently suffered a second abusive assault to its children as reports say the daughter of the family is attacked over her hijab in the same school that his brother was bullied.

The Metro newspaper published a video in a report on its website late on Wednesday showing that the girl, unidentified in the report, being dragged to floor and attacked allegedly for wearing a pink headscarf as hijab.

Two girls shove the girl and push her to the ground while other schoolchildren, including the one filming the incident, appear to be cheering on the bullies as they shout “go on”.

The video came right after a similar video went viral on the social media showing the girl’s brother, Jamal, being attacked in the same school in Huddersfield.

The boy, having one arm in cast, is bullied by a much larger schoolboy, pushed to the ground and water boarded while others do nothing to prevent him.


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