PressTV-Brutal cold snap stuns US East Coast after blizzard

A shroud of bone-chilling arctic air covered the US East Coast and Midwest on Saturday, creating dangerous conditions as tens of millions of people struggled to clean up from a blizzard that dumped deep, drifting snow in many areas earlier this week.

Wind chill and freeze warnings stretched from New England to Ohio and Pennsylvania, while the National Weather Service warned of freezing rain in Missouri and areas to the northeast.

In some of those places, exposed skin could freeze within 30 minutes, said meteorologist Dan Petersen of the National Weather Service’s Maryland-based Weather Prediction Center.

At the Whoopie Pie Cafe in Bangor, Maine, business was slow because of the cold, cashier and waiter Liz Gallagher, 58, said by phone. “Nobody goes out when it’s really cold, at least I wouldn’t,” said the life-long Bangor resident.

The cold snap complicated efforts by crews to clear snow and ice from roadways after the blizzard, which…

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