PressTV-British MP faces ban over sexual harassment

A member of Britain’s upper house of parliament, the House of Lords, could be banned for three years for sexually harassing a woman.

The House’s conduct committee ruled on Monday that Anthony Lester should be slapped with the hefty ban after it was revealed that he allegedly tried to force a woman to sleep with him.

Lester is convicted of “sexually harassing the complainant and offering her corrupt inducements to sleep with him,” said the committee, adding that the lawmaker should be suspended until 2022 because he committed the behavior “in the context of his parliamentary duties.”

The House of Lords will vote on the ruling to ban Lester, an 82-year-old Liberal Democrat and a human rights lawyer, on Thursday.

Anthony Lester, a member of Britain’s House of Lords for centrist Liberal Democrats

“If the suspension is agreed by the House of Lords it will be the longest suspension of a member of either the House of Lords or the…

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