PressTV-‘British hospitals to buckle under winter pressure’

Doctors in the United Kingdom are extremely worried that hospitals across the country will not be able to cope with the upcoming winter, warning that the health system may buckle under the pressure.

Results of a poll by The Royal College of Physicians published on Monday showed that more than 87 percent of doctors across the UK believed that their hospitals will not be able to deliver proper services to patients over the winter period.

Experts warn temperature will hit freezing lows this winter in Britain, leaving many, especially a sizable population of homeless and rough sleepers, in urgent need of care.

Only a tiny portion, about 17 percent, of a total of 1,761 doctors, specialists, trainees and consultants who responded to the RCP poll, said that they feel “confident” or “very confident” about preparations in the hospitals, according to the Guardian newspaper.

“When we’re concerned that the wheels could fall off at any…

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