PressTV-Brexit heading for an impasse: Minister

A senior British cabinet member has warned that the UK is likely to hit an impasse in the process of withdrawing from the European Union now that there are just over one hundred days left before the Britain leaves the bloc.

“Brexit is in danger of getting stuck – and that is something that should worry us all,” pensions minister Amber Rudd wrote in Saturday’s Daily Mail newspaper.

“If MPs (lawmakers) dig in against the prime minister’s deal and then hunker down in their different corners, none with a majority, the country will face serious trouble,” she added.

Last week, Prime Minister Theresa May delayed a parliamentary vote on her Brexit deal amid fears that it would be voted down by the MPs. Many expect that she would fail in her post-Christmas bid to gain parliament’s approval for the deal.

May traveled to Brussels to attend an EU summit to get privileges from the bloc that could enhance her chances of going through the…

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