PressTV-Brexit has ‘50-50’ chance of cancellation: Minister

Britain’s Trade Secretary Liam Fox believes there is a “50-50” chance that Britain would cancel its decision to leave the European Union if the parliament rejects a divorce deal signed with the EU.

Fox, a leading supporter of leaving the EU, said Sunday that the current political situation in London meant that Brexit had an even chance for cancellation and survival.

“If we were not to vote for that, I’m not sure I would give it (Brexit) much more than 50-50,” Fox told the Sunday Times newspaper, without elaborating on what mechanism the government will seek to scrap Brexit.

The comments come as Prime Minister Theresa May is expected to put her Brexit deal to a vote in the House of Commons in mid-January.

May delayed an original vote planned for earlier this month as she faced growing criticism from across the political spectrum about the deal. However, many believe the agreement, signed off in an EU summit last month, has a little…

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